Looking at all the sex toys available in the market, either from online stores or specialty shops in the malls, I’ve always been shocked that there could be dildos selling for more than $100.

It seems like an obscene amount of money to spend on something that you can get for much less. As in one-tenth of the cost. I should know. I recently bought a realistic looking dildo for the princely sum of $11.81.

My friend, on the other hand, decided to splurge not too long ago and bought herself a dildo for $113.60.

It’s not like she bought herself a Camaro and me a Volt. The two cars are both made by Chevy, but one is pricey while the other one is cheap. In the case of our dildos, she got an expensive one that she says gives her great orgasms, while I bought a cheap, realistic one that also gives me great orgasms.

One weekend, when she went on an out of town trip, she asked me to feed her dog and her goldfish. She left me the keys to her house so I went over and fed her pets. I also knew where she keeps her sex toys, so I “borrowed” her expensive dildo.

Was my orgasm any better with the pricey dildo as compared to my humbly priced counterpart? Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference. I mean I had a marvellous orgasm with her toy which felt a little more tender than mine, but the end result was the same.

Of course I cleaned her toy. And I never told her about my using it that one time.

The day after, I used my own trusty little dildo which I admit is a bit shorter than hers. I still got a neat orgasm.

My experience told me that there’s hardly any difference between a high-end dildo and an inexpensive one. They’re both good.