Normally when it comes to testing out a sex toy, I will hardly ever review the round two versions of the Lelo products, except this time I was curious about the Ina 2 because it reminds me of my VR6 which isn’t perfect by any means. I was hoping that the Ina 2 had been a big improvement over the first Ina and that it would be the best rabbit out there. I am glad that I reviewed it. It has now become a main tool in my sexy time arsenal.

On to the review

The first thing we have to do is distinguish between the Lelo Ina 2 and the Lelo Ina Wave because they are different products.  The Lelo Ina Wave has a “come here” motion which sets it apart from most vibrators.  The first thing that I noticed about the Ina 2 is that it a lot more powerful than expected. It puts the old Ina to shame, and it certainly puts my VR6 to shame as well. The one thing that you notice at first is that the clitoral arm isn’t really strong but it does what it needs to do. But the internal part will give you a huge amount of rumbling vibrations and when you combine the both, you will be coming in less than a minute. I know that I did. It was certainly a surprise that it gave me such a quick orgasm but if you are wanting to build up to you, good news is that you can by adjusting the power by using the control pad. Plus, if you like water play, then you should know that this toy is completely waterproof and has a warranty.

LELO Ina 2 in packaging

Most toys are just what you see. No bells and whistles and usually not worth the time or money. When it comes to rabbit vibes, if you want a silicone vibe, then you are going to have to deal with it not having all the bells and whistles that you would get on one that is made of Jelly or TPR. Which those tend to be really popular models that have the pearls under the skin, and rotates in two different directions and let you have complete control over the whole toy. Truth is that with Silicone toys, you are going to be lucky if you get what you want. But with Lelo you don’t have to worry because even though it isn’t much, it packs a mean punch in the orgasm department.

Some of the features

The Ina 2 is rechargeable and the control pad does lock for travel. When you first get it out of the package, it is best to wash it with warm, soapy water to be on the safe side. It does come with the standard package which is their signature black satin bag, a sample of lube, the manual, the charger, and of course their warranty.

Is it an upgraded version?

When you compare the Ina 2 to the prior Ina, you are going to notice that it lets you have either external or internal arms running and you can change the patterns and settings or you can run both arms at the same pattern and speed. The Ina 2 is actually claw shaped, so it will apply some pressure to your clit. Most rabbits have a V shape and the clitoral arm is extending out an angle. The original Ina was putting too much pressure on the clit and that was one of the big changes to the Ina 2.


The clitoral arm is now positioned farther from the G-spot tip on the shaft and this will give more insertion length. The Ina 2 allows for almost 5-inches insertion length now. The clitoral arm is angled just a bit more from the internal shaft which has less of a clamp feel which leads to less pressure on the clit. Then the seam that is between the handle and silicone is a lot more snug which helps to keep dirt and fluid build up from sticking around after you wash it. The intensity has been doubled and the clitoral arm happens to be more flexible which lets there be applied pressure but still gives you plenty of feeling.

LELO Ina 2


I just want to clarify one thing, the vibration intensity for the Ina 2 has been labeled 100% more power than the Ina. But they don’t tell you where so we all just assume that it is in both parts of this rabbit, but it is just in the internal shaft.  The clitoral arm is still the same strength as before. It’s like Lelo doesn’t want to put a lot of pressure or power on the clit. A lot of women, me included like strong vibrations on the clit. I am disappointed that they did this, but the increase of the strength on the shaft totally makes up for that. With the original Ina I wasn’t able to get off, but with the Ina 2 I can. The increased vibrations do such as great job stimulating every part of me that I almost don’t care that there isn’t a lot of power to the clitoral arm.

My issue

Another issue that I had was that because I am a larger woman, that the motors can be a bit imbalanced. Since I can only use it in a certain position, there is just a slight wobble that goes on. The strength doesn’t waiver, its just the motors. I am not complaining about it at all because I have such short arms, it let me keep it in place with my thighs and I ended up with a really unique and trembling sensation with the vibrations. It was an added surprise there and I am glad for it.

How does it compare?

When I compare it to my VR6, Ina 2 takes the cake. It is more powerful and gives me just the right amount of pressure and hits all the right spots. This is weird because when you compare them in size and shape they are about the same. The one thing that I love is that the arm on the Ina 2 is more flexible, which lets it open up more and sit where it needs to be. The Ina 2 actually has vibration patterns and you can really feel the power. The Ina 2 doesn’t have a lot of girth, and the arm is the perfect size to sit right on my clit.

Final thoughts

Since the Ina 2, I have noticed that I don’t have to work as hard to get to an orgasm and the only real complaint that I have is the short handle. Other than that it is a great toy. I love it. I have placed in my toy drawer next to my favorites and it is my go to when I need that pressure and strong vibrations.