The butterfly vibrators were around prior to the introduction of rabbit vibrators. They are still around, and or good reason, they are amazing! The Venus butterfly can be worn in solo play, or with your partner. You will find the toy flicks and focuses on clit simulation, but it brings a great feel all over!

The length is 3 inches in length and 3 inches wide, giving you the coverage you need for ultimate stimulation to the clit and labia. The vibrations are created from an egg design, and it’s made to be flexible and soft with a jell like material.

Original Venus Butterfly

It has straps, which are adjustable and can easily allow for hands free enjoyment. When it comes to partner play, this frees up both your hands, and theirs! To make things even more intense, it comes with a remote control that allows you or your partner to take lead of the situation

The Venus Butterfly gets its name from the design, as it appears like a butterfly that provides you with the sensational feeling you want right between the legs. When you strap this beautiful toy on, you will be in ecstasy, and it’s affordable. Making it a great option for those looking to try a strap on vibrator for the first time. Runs off 2 AA batteries.