When it comes to adult toys, they are not only for solo play. Today, there is a large range of toys available for partner play, from testing to get the mood going to both having a better experience. You will find that the hardest part may be choosing the toy for you and your partner. Of course, you do not have to choose one, you can build your collection too! Below are some of the best couple vibrators currently on the market.

Tenga Flip Hole

This is a male masturbator which can be used or solo play, but can also be used as a couple’s toy. When it comes to introducing toys, the guy can be warmed up and teased too! It’s also rather discreet as it’s style looks more like a sleek looking iPod device.

Vibrating Cock Rings

While she has her vibrator, now you both can have a fun time. With it wrapping around the cock, it feels great on a guy’s member, but also on the clit of his partner You will find that this increase the mood for both.

Adjustable Wrist Straps

Once you have introduced some toys, maybe some cock rings, bringing in some wrist straps can be a new way to spice things up. You are likely more comfortable, and it can be used on him or her!